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Market Report

Down and Feathers May 2013

Rohdex GmbH & Co KG

Upward Price Spiral – No end in sight at this time.

As you can see by looking at the graph, prices for goose and duck have gone up by leaps and bounds. The increase is partly over 300% and in several product groups, approaching 400%. (The changes are as compared to 2008 figures).

The upward trend in prices has been triggered by a strong reduction in the breeding of poultry combined with a high demand for down and feathers.

We see no reversal of these price movements for the short term. After the outbreak of the bird flue in China prices move even faster.

A long-term price fixing is not possible because of the overwhelming demand on slaughterhouses and down processors and as a result they have no reason to fix firm prices, since practically every load of raw material can realize an even higher price than the last.

It is understandable that breeders and slaughterhouses see ever-increasing prices as a way to compensate for the low prices for poultry meat combined with the exploding costs associated with the breeding of ducks and geese.

We will keep you up-to-date with regard to developments in the down and feather industry.

Rohdex GmbH & Co KG

Ernst Langer

English version translated from IDFL Laboratories and Institutes



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